Sustanon in bodybuilding: description, courses of administration, reviews

Sustanon is a popular drug in sports pharmacology. It is particularly popular among bodybuilders. The use of the drug has been practiced for several decades. During this time, it has been sufficiently studied. This allows you to properly compose a course, to assess all the risks of taking it.

Features of the drug and its use in bodybuilding

Sustanon is an anabolic steroid, which is considered a composite agent. It contains testosterone derivatives such as decanoate, propionate, isocapronate and phenylpropionate. It is used by bodybuilders solo or in combinatorial courses.

Doctors do not recommend the use of hormones to improve athletic performance, because it can have irreversible effects on the athlete’s health. Therefore, before using Sustanon, you should consult a doctor, a licensed trainer and strictly adhere to the prescription.

The most popular product among bodybuilders is Sustanon 250. It, like other types of the drug, is characterized by mild effects.

Effectiveness of Sustanon

The steroid is used for a variety of purposes:

  • To build muscle. The rate of growth may not be as fast and strong as with agents with a higher concentration of androgenic and anabolic components. But the gradual muscle growth ensures a good quality result. At the end of the course there is minimal rolling back effect.
    Increase strength parameters. This property of the drug determines its use in weightlifting and powerlifting. Sustanon has very little effect on an athlete’s weight, which allows him to remain in his weight class.
  • Burn Fat. The action of the steroid also targets different enzymes responsible for metabolic processes. This allows the athlete to dry out the body.
    Retain fluids in the body in the right amount. This property prevents injury to ligaments, joints and muscle tissues. It should be considered that taking testosterone for a long time reduces collagen levels. This causes various types of injuries. They may also lead to the acquired high strength values because the body is not ready for high loads.
  • Improve appetite. The increased levels of androgens and various enzymes mean that a lot of energy is expended. The athlete eats more food, so that the body receives enough nutrients for gaining weight.
    Increase the red blood cells in the blood. Sustanon has a beneficial effect on blood composition. This improves the endurance of the athlete.
  • The steroid has a pronounced anti-catabolic effect. This makes it possible to maintain the results obtained with a special diet. This effect makes it possible to control diet and sleep patterns. It also improves endurance, so you can train hard and recover quickly between workouts.

How to use Sustanon

Sustanon is available as a solution, so it is injected intramuscularly. It is better to inject deep into the body. For novice athletes, the recommended dosage is 500mg for a week. This includes 2 single-dose injections given every 3-4 days. The minimum doses allow the body’s reaction to the compound to be assessed. Experienced athletes more often increase them to 1-1,500 mg per week. this is determined by the intensity of previous training, experience of taking AAS, body weight and other factors.

The dosage of Sustanon also depends on the goals set. For example, the amount to be taken during a lean season is lower compared to a muscle-building session. The individual characteristics of the patient are taken into account when composing the course. The optimal course is 3 months. Experienced athletes extend it to 4 months. But experts still do not advise to exceed the 3-month period, as there is a dependence on the composition of the steroid.

Sustanon can be taken solo. But in order to improve and accelerate the result, the course is supplemented with other steroids in tablet form. For maximum effectiveness, it is necessary to follow a diet and to combine cardio and strength exercises.

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CoC after a course of Sustanon

Several weeks after the end of taking Sustanon it is necessary to start a CoC. Gonadotropin or Clomid should be used for this purpose in order not to disrupt natural synthesis of male hormone. It is also important to include testosterone boosters in the subsequent course.

Drugs with similar effects

Apart from Sustanon, there are other drugs prescribed in testosterone replacement therapy:

  • Sustaver – a product with the same composition as Sustanon;
  • Omandren 250 is used for testosterone deficiency;
  • Testosterone Enanthate is a popular product in sports pharmacology.

These agents work similarly to Sustanon.

Side Effects

Ill-timed use of the drug provokes the occurrence of undesirable effects, namely

  • accumulation of water in the body;
  • acne;
  • irritability and aggression;
  • baldness;
  • gynaecomastia.

Usually men after forty have no side effects because sufficient testosterone has accumulated in the body.

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